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By Sensei Kevin Allmond 3rd Dan Hakuda Ryu Karate
Senior Instructor & Technical Director - Budokai Karate
Member of the BMABA
(Pictured right)

Every instructor at Budokai Karate realises that the martial arts is not simply about kicking and punching, but more about encouraging physical fitness, self confidence, self discipline and ultimately achieving a set of goals that we look to achieve together. We genuinley believe that in developing an individual both physically and mentally, they will reap the rewards in every aspect of their lives and it's because of this we are dedicated to not only producing excellent martial artists but outstanding members of the community.

Budokai simply means "many styles" and as can be seen from the instructor profiles below, the main instructors all come from different backgrounds. Martial Arts are all essentially the same as there are only so many ways to perform a kick or a punch, however, there are subtle differences between styles which help people of varying abilities to perform each technique. With the wealth of experience that we are now gaining as an organisation there are very few techniques, if any, that can't be taught to people of any level.

Whether they saw it on the Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles, on the Power Rangers, or on Yu Gi Oh, children today have been exposed to martial arts from an early age. From karate to kung fu, martial arts provide a powerful workout, but some parents worry that these sports are too violent for children. While it is true that martial arts originated as fighting systems in Asia, today's martial arts provide children with physical exercise, a chance to gain self confidence, an opportunity to interact with others, and worthwhile lessons in self defence. For children of all ages, martial arts are an exciting alternative to more traditional sports.

We teach karate, or empty hand, which is perhaps the most well known martial art. Karate is a Japanese discipline used for self defence. In addition to throws and blocks, karate also incorporates punches and kicks as well as weapons. Karate competitions take place at all levels across the UK, and more information can be found from the British Karate Association.

No matter in which martial arts your children become interested, all martial arts build confidence, encourage self control, motivate self esteem, and teach self defence. Martial arts are also incredibly safe when taught in an appropriate school, and all qualified instructors will be more than happy to share their qualifications and training philosophies. Finding the right school for your child could well be the first step to a long love affair with the martial arts.

Our Services

We can supply simple "1 hour lunch time" sessions over a period of 6 weeks or a full day of training incorporating a set amount of time for each year group. We can also supply after school activity clubs on a virtually indefinite basis depending on the schools needs. Our "off the peg" courses are outlined below but we can tailor a bespoke program according to your needs.

We can also supply PPA Cover Sessions for KS1, KS2 and KS3 which are specifically designed to give schools the stress free answer to PPA cover offering one day, whole terms or even a fixed year cover service.

Place your cursor over the pictures below to find out what courses we have on offer and press the link button for more details.

Self Defense Techniques Course

A course tailored to yours and your students needs.

After School Karate Club

A club, for your children, at your school, funded by the parents.

PPA Cover Sessions

All to National Curriculum standard in PE.

Introduction to Karate

A fun session as a treat for your students

The Team

At Budokai Martial Martial Arts we realise that our success is based entirely on the quality of our people. Every one of the instructors is dedicated and committed to the martial arts like no other person. The martial arts is not a hobby for our instructors, it's a way of life. The 'behind the scenes' people, or the people that make Budokai Martial Arts run so smoothly, are just as driven and proffessional. In all, we have managed to put together an outstanding team that can turn your after school activity into a successful addition to your school curriculum !

Samantha Allmond

Managing Director

Over 20 years experience in sales and marketing, you'd be hard pushed to find anybody more driven than Samantha. If you have a need for an after school activity or PPA Cover, Samantha is the one that can make it happen.

Sensei Simon Spencer


Sensei Simon is a kick boxing coach and a Shotokan Karateka. He has become a stalwart, if not the backbone, of Budokai Martial Arts and we are extremely lucky to have him with us. A true star!

Sensei David Brown


A Shotokan Karateka, a Jujitsu black belt and competative kick boxer. Sensei David has studied the martial arts from a very young age and is proving to be an outstanding asset to our organisation.

This Could be You!


Black belt in karate or Ju Jitsu? Fancy a career in the martial arts? Then this could be for you! Either to run a session at the centre or to work for Budokai Martial Arts, get in touch now!

Policy documents

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Our Child Protection Policy


Our Anti Bullying Policy


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Risk Assessment

Any physical training has risks involved, but, if they're managed properly, these can be eliminated. Below is our Karate Risk Assessment.

Our Karate Risk Assessment


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